David and Ruth Collier (Berkeley) in conversation with Michael Alvarez (UiB)

Shaping the political arena is considered to be one of the most important works on Latin America. It is a disciplined, paired comparison of the eight Latin American countries with the longest history of urban commercial and industrial development – Brazil and Chile, Mexico and Venezuela, Uruguay and Colombia, Argentina and Peru. In this book, Collier & Collier show how and why state party responses to the emergence of an organized working class have been crucial in shaping political coalitions, party systems, patterns of stability or conflict and the broad contours of regimes and their changes.

You are most welcome to join our literary salon when Collier and Collier discuss the book, Shaping the political arena, with our moderator Michael Alvarez.

Free and open for all, as all our events.

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Photo: Carsten Ten Brink