Yousuf Assidiq, Minotenk,and Truls Tønnessen, FFI, in conversation with Åse Gilje Østensen, The Naval Academy 

According to PST’s (Norwegian Police Security Service) recent threat assessment for 2015, radicalization and recruitment to violent extremism is not only a problem in the large cities. Recruits to violent extremism do not only include youth with an immigrant background, but also ethnic Norwegians. This is not only a challenge in Norway, but throughout the West. But who are these people and why do they choose to fight on the side of IS?

Join us when Yousuf Assidiq, Minotenk, Truls Tønnessen, Forsvarets forskningsinstitutt, and our moderator Åse Gilje Østensen, The Naval Academy, discuss Western recruitment to IS.