Abdul Rahman Ali AhmedSalah eldin Mohamed AhmedIntisar el-Zein Soughayroun and Randi Håland in panel.



This seminar raises the question what role archaeology and cultural heritage agencies have played in modern Sudan. Furthermore, its focuses on how research and conservation of the past has impacted on nation building and development. Finally, the panellists ask what conflicts have arisen in encounters between the scientific study of the past, heritage management and national, cultural and economic concerns?

Abdul Rahman Ali Ahmed, Director, National Museum of Sudan: "Salvage archeology relate to dams in Sudan: an overview".

Salah eldin Mohamed Ahmed, National Museum of Sudan, Co-ordinator, Qatar-Sudan Archaeological Project: "Archaeology and Nation building".

Intisar el-Zein Soughayroun, Department of Archaeology, Khartoum: "Islam in the Sudan: between history and archaeology".

Randi Håland, University of Bergen: "Cultural heritage in an ideological context".

This event is part of Sudan Week at UiB and Chr. Michelsen Institute.
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