Is Tunisia delivering on the promise of the Arab Spring by producing a real democracy?

The 2015 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded the National Dialogue Quartet in Tunisia for their work to move the process towards democracy back on track during the unstable run-up for the 2013 elections. Security issues were a pressing factor for reaching this political compromise. 

This summer 38 people were killed on the beach of Sousse. As tourism is one of the major sources of income for Tunisia, the country now faces several challenges. Hotels close down, the beaches are quiet, unemployment rates are higher than before the revolution. Where does the country go from here?

Lindsay Benstead, Portland State University and Ellen Lust, University of Gothenburg will discuss the Tunisian transition trajectory.

Come for a cup of coffee, a croissant and a great conversation with two leading scholars. Welcome.


Photo: Dennis Jarvis:  Where did the water go.