The African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD) is a South African based NGO which extensive experience from mediation and peacebuilding on the African continent.

ACCORD have inter alia worked extensively with the African Union and the United Nations in their peace support missions on the continent. This has included the running of pre-deployment training courses targeting civilian peacebuilding and peacekeeping personnel. ACCORD's director twice addressed the UN Security Council in 2005 on the role of civil society and the relations between the UN and regional organisations in peacebuilding.

Mr. Gounden and Mr. Mngqibiza are visiting Norway and Iceland as guests of the South African Embassy in Oslo. ACCORD is also financially supported through the Norwegian Foreign Ministry's Training for Peace programme.

For further information: Elling N. TjĂžnneland at CMI (tel: 55 57 41 61)