With elections looming and democratic governance on the agenda, old challenges are resurfacing: How does the state apparatus interact with the various kinds of 'traditional' leaders and their social power and authority?

On civil society, traditional authorities and the state:

·        Prof. Dr. Armando Marques Guedes
Univ. Nova of Lisbon, Prof. of Political Science & Legal Anthropology, African Legal Systems and International relations, currently President of the Diplomatic Institute of Portugal

On traditional authority and legal pluralism:

·        N'Gunu Tiny
PhD researcher, London School of Economics, Guest fellow at Harvard Law School

·        Gonçalo Almeida Ribeiro
PhD researcher at Harvard Law School

Is it 'balancing well' with other forms of (civil society) participation? What are the policies on legal recognition of 'traditional authorities' and their incorporation into public administration? Does the state 'make, break, or co-opt' traditional authorities' power, and reversely, what happens to state power in the process?

The three researchers have (co-)published several works on state and civil society, and on legal pluralism and governance in Angola.

This seminar should be inspiring for all students of Angola, as well as for those pondering on the dilemmas of legal pluralism and traditional authority in Southern Africa.