This week the Citizens' Alliance for North Korean Human Rights and the Rafto Human Rights House arranges the 7th International Conference on North Korean Human Rights & Refugees.

CMI is in charge of this session that asks whether improved economic relations with North Korea is a realistic and desirable option. To what extent can economic relations be used to improve the human rights situation in highly undemocratic countries? What are the basic mechanisms that link economic and democratic development? To what extent are these mechanisms relevant to the case of North Korea? What are the implications for the international community, and for multinational corporations, in dealing with countries such as North Korea?

Keynote speakers are

Marcus Noland, Senior Fellow, The Institute for International Economics, USA 

Nita Rudra, Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh, USA 

Aidan Foster-Carter, Honorary Senior Research Fellow in Sociology &  Modern Korea, Leeds University, UK.

For more information, please contact senior researcher and the moderator, Ivar Kolstad or see the Rafto House.

Everyone who wants to attend the Conference is requested to register.