A border checkpoint on the Ghana-Togo border (CC: Cathrine Talleraas)

Unraveling EU migration policy: Ghana and Jordan perspectives. EFFEXT project insights on regional dynamics, governance, and development.

This seminar offers a deep dive into the intricate effects of EU external migration management policies, contrasting the experiences of Ghana and Jordan. Using the broader analysis of the EFFEXT project as a backdrop, Cathrine Talleraas (Chr. Michelsen Institute) and Zoë Jordan (CENDEP) explore how these policies influence regional migration dynamics, governance, and development in distinct geopolitical contexts of Africa and the Middle East.

The seminar will present recent research findings on Ghana's intensified border governance and Jordan's astute navigation of migration control and resourcing under European influence examining the broader implications on local and regional levels. The session aims to foster a nuanced understanding of how migration policies are not only reshaping migration patterns but also affecting socio-economic development and humanitarian efforts in these regions, raising critical questions about the alignment of development and control-oriented policies.

This seminar is sponsored by the Jean Monnet Grant and organised by the Migration and Refugees Research Network

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Effects of Externalisation

Nov 2020 - Dec 2024