Time: Thursday 28 June, 15:00- 15:40.
Venue: CMI, Main meeting Room, Fantoftvegen 38

The seminar will focus on the current legal frameworks adopted at both the regional level (e.g. the African Union Convention on Corruption, the SADC Protocol)  and the international level (the UN Convention). The aim is to show that the current legal frameworks as manifested by the regional and international conventions are likely to have limited impact due to a number of shortcomings - some internal to the conventions and some external. To effectively fight corruption we need to appreciate the limits of law and look beyond the law.

Indira Carr is a Professor of Law, Middlesex University, London. The principal area of her research is international business law, especially  the challenges to international trade from emerging technologies, development issues, contrasting values, and the problems and impediments posed by harmonisation of laws. Her current research relates to corruption in international business, and she is looking at the issues from an international legal perspective. She is leading a project on the limitations of law in combating corruption in international business.