The University of Bergen, the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration, Bergen University College and CMI launched our open institutional archives online: Bergen Open Research Archive.

CMI has officially joined the opened access family. BORA ensures secure, digital long-term archiving and free access to all of CMI's research production. In addition to the CMI Reports and the CMI Working Papers, we strive to publish all peer-reviewed journal articles written by the CMI researchers. 

BORA is part of Norwegian Opean Research Archive (NORA) wich collects and promotes all research produced Norway.

Full-text digital publishing is not new to CMI. CMI has published full-text-versions of all publications on our website since 2003. Yet, in our efforts to ensure everybody access to our research free of charge, we believe that open access archiving which allows for searching and harvesting through structured metadata will improve our ability to spread and disseminate our research.