Drugs and illicit trafficking has caused an upsurge of violence in large parts of Latin America threatening human security, the economies of the region and state legitimacy. This seminar explores the linkages between illicit trafficking, the spiralling violence and the state in Latin America.

: October 20th, 2008

Venue: 9th floor of the Social Sciences Building at the University of Bergen, Fosswinckels gt. 6.


10.00    Welcome. Opening remarks by Benedicte Bull, Norlarnet.

10.30    El narcotráfico, la violencia y el Estado en México actual.
Dr. Carlos Pérez, CIESAS,  Mexico

11.15    Parallel states and the risks of employing security forces in countering drug trafficking and violent crime.
Ivan Briscoe, FRIDE, Madrid.

12.00    Impacts of the drug economy on the Colombian society
Jennifer Schirmer, SUM, University of Oslo

12.45    Lunch

14.00    The relationship between poverty, education and drug related violence in Guatemala
Virgilio Alvarez, Director, FLACSO, Guatemala.

14.45    Illicit trafficking and the State in Bolivia
John-Andrew McNeish, CMI, Bergen.

15.30   How do drug trafficking and violence affect Norwegian interests in the region? Kjersti  Rødsmoen, deputy director, Latin America section, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

15.15    Closing discussion:  the way forward - possible implications for research and policy

16. 00   End of day