Time: 12:00-14:00
The Faculty of Law, UiB, Meeting room 546

"The Friday seminar on democracy and rule of law"
an interdisciplinary UiB/CMI seminar

The Friday Seminar on democracy and rule of law is interdisciplinary and wide ranging. It explores contemporary local and global issues in law and human rights, development and globalization, democracy and citizenship. The aim is to create a meeting place for researchers at UiB, CMI and Unifob-Global, and to stimulate research collaboration between local, national and international researchers. 

"Diversity and European Public Sphere"

 'What public sphere for Europe? The development of post-national democracy in Europe depends on the emergence of an overarching communicative space that functions as a public sphere. Only with a European wide public sphere in place can the requirement of democracy beyond the nation state be met. The problem is that the public sphere is seen to presuppose both a state, which can ensure the rights of the citizens, and a society that can make for allegiance and a common we-feeling - a collective identity. Can there be a public sphere when there is no collective identity?

Erik Oddvar Eriksen is Research Director at ARENA where he is scientific coordinator of RECON a European Commission 6th Framework Programme that seeks to clarify whether democracy is possible under conditions of pluralism, diversity and complex multilevel governance. He is a Professor II of political science at Centre of Professional Studies, The University College of Oslo, and holds an Honorary Doctorate at the University of Aalborg, Denmark. He has been professor at the University of Tromsø and at the University of Bergen. Eriksen's main research fields are political theory, democratic governance, public policy and European integration.

Hakan Sicakkan, Associate Professor at Sampol-UiB, and Coordinator of Eurosphere at Unifob-Global

Acar Kutay, Researcher and Assistant Coordinator Eurosphere at Unifob-Global

 Programme autumn 2008

Friday 31 October - Minorities, migration, citizenship
Friday 21 November - Health and human rights
Friday 12 December - Human rights and development

All are welcome