Crime, Poverty and Police Corruption in Developing Countries

Jens Andvig &Odd-Helge Fjeldstad
With opponent Bertil Tungodden

Date: Thursday 23 October
Time: 15:00-15:45
Venue: CMI Meeting Room, 2nd floor, Fantoftvegen 38


Crime and the fear of being hit by crime and small-scale violence are key economic and social problems in most developing countries, not least felt strongly by the poor. Extensive corruption in the police, experienced or perceived, contributes seriously to the problem.  How is police corruption linked to the wider processes of development - including crime, violence and poverty?

Andvig and Fjeldstad have written a paper examining (i) how and why corruption may arise in the daily routines of the police and whether it may have impacts on crime rates; (ii) empirical indications of whether the police may be more corrupt than other groups of public officials; (iii) how and why police corruption may vary across countries; and (iv) the wider impacts of police corruption on development.

In the seminar they will present the paper:

 Working paper WP 2008-7

For inquires regarding the seminar, please contact Ida Lindkvist