Time: 12:00 to 14:00
Faculty of Law, meeting room 546

We are happy to introduce Bård-Anders Andreassen (Professor at Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, Oslo) and Elin Skaar (Research Director, Chr. Michelsen Institute, Bergen) who will give a joint talk on

"Human rights and development:

The role of institutional and non-institutional mechanisms

Skaar will focus on formal institutions, more specifically courts in new democracies, after conflict and gross human rights nations. She will explore the concepts of "backward looking justice" and "forward looking justice", drawing primarily on Latin American examples.

Andreassen will shift focus to so-called non-judicial mechanisms for the protection of human rights, looking both a national institutions and social movements. Examples will be drawn from Kenya as well as from various European countries.

Siri Gloppen (Professor, Department of Comparative Politics) will comment on the two speakers.

Lunch with sandwiches, fruit, tea and coffee will be served from 1200 to 1215.

All are welcome!

"The Friday seminar on democracy and rule of law"
- an interdisciplinary seminar organized by researchers at UiB and CMI

The Friday Seminar on democracy and rule of law is interdisciplinary and wide ranging. It explores contemporary local and global issues in law and human rights, development and globalization, democracy and citizenship. The aim is to create a meeting place for researchers at UiB, CMI and Unifob, and to stimulate research collaboration between local, national and international researchers. 

The spring program will be announced in January 2009.