Date: Thursday, December 3
: 09:00-10:00
: Bergen Resource Centre for International Development

Yash Tandon
Claude Ake Visiting Professor
Uppsala University

Currently visiting Uni Global and the Nile Basin project

Professor Tandon challenges the idea of development aid as a genuine instrument of African development that aid as a system promotes the development of African countries. There is much hidden in the “aid package” that is counter-developmental and produces dependency, argues Tandon. To end this pathology of aid dependence in Africa, he proposes a strategy of increased national and regional ‘self-reliance’. The lecture is based on his recent book Ending Aid Dependency

Read a sample of the book.

About the Speaker: Professor Yash Tandon was the Executive Director of the South Centre in Geneva until February 2009. South Centre is an intergovernmental think tank of the developing countries. Before joining the South Centre, he was the Founding Director of the Southern and Eastern African Trade Information and Negotiations Institute (SEATINI). Prof Tandon is currently the Claude Ake Visiting Professor at the t the Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University (DPCR).

He has authored and edited books on subjects such as, African politics, peace and security, trade and WTO, international economics, South – South cooperation and human rights. His publications include: Ending Aid Dependence (2008); Global Governance and the United Nations System (2001); The World Trade Organisation and Africa’s Marginalisation (1999); Reclaiming Africa’s Agenda: Good Governance and the Role of the NGOs in the African Context (1996); The New Position of East Africa’s Asians: Problems of a Displaced Minority (with Arnold Raphael, 1984).