Venue: Chr. Michelsen Institute, Bergen, Norway
Chairs: Are Knudsen (CMI) and Michael Kerr (Kings College London)

Lebanon Workshop - Programme

Lebanon is one of the most troubled countries in the Middle East, indeed, the country’s modern history is marked by civil conflict, strife and civil war. The country’s strategic location, multi-cultural and multi-religious make-up is unique. For the past five years Lebanon has experienced periods of acute political instability that has raised fears that the country could again be engulfed by a civil war. Such fears are also stoked by examining Lebanon’s recent history, which demonstrates that throughout Lebanon’s brief history as an independent country such conflict has been a recurrent problem. The workshop will examine conflict and co-existence in Lebanon over longer time-scales but with an emphasis on the post-civil war period. Drawing together leading experts on Lebanon from Europe, USA, Canada and the Middle East the workshop will address issues such as third party intervention, communal violence, political co-existence, national security, nation building, memory and transitional justice in Lebanon. Analysing these interconnected themes, the workshop will examine why Lebanon becomes trapped in externally driven cycles of regional and international political conflict and what the international community can do to break the cycle of violence. By addressing the issues at the core of Lebanon’s endogenous and exogenous conflicts, this workshop aims to provide useful advice for governments, policy makers, NGOs, academics and the international community when approaching the country’s multifaceted problems.

Confirmed participants:

See: Lebanon workshop poster (pdf)

This workshop is by invitation only.

The participants will take part in a roundtable panel at The Middle Eastern Connectivities Conference, Saturday 25 September (14.30-16.30). More info here.