Time: 19:15
Venue: Egget, Studentsenteret

Møteleder: Kaia Tetlie

Who owns the planet’s natural wealth found under water, below ground, and in the air? How do we reconcile our use of these assets with that of future generations?

Such questions are the subject of Professor Paul Collier’s recent book, The Plundered Planet: How to Reconcile Prosperity with Nature. There is a battle for the future of our planet between profiteers, who threaten to destroy natural resources for gain, and backward-looking environmental romantics, who prevent constructive development. Collier demonstrates that our economic and environmental interests are not in fact competing; they are mutually dependent and we will not be able to survive unless they are reconciled.

Paul Collier uses his groundbreaking research to offer realistic and sustainable solutions, which fulfill the immediate needs of the world’s growing population, without despoiling the planet for future generations.

Collier is the author of The Bottom Billion: Why the Poorest Countries are Failing and What Can Be Done About It, which won the 2008 Lionel Gelber Prize for the worlds best book on international affairs. He was the senior advisor to Tony Blair’s Commission on Africa, and Director of the Development Research group at the World Bank for five years. Join us tonight as he visits Read review of The Plundered Planet in The Guardian

This event is held in cooperation with the Student Society of Bergen -Studentersamfunnet