Museums, along with memorials, ceremonies, heritage sites, and commemorative sites are among major national institutions involved in peoples’ memory making. National museums have a significant role in supporting and stimulating a sense of belongingness to the nation-state.

With the demise of apartheid, ongoing post-conflict reconstructions, unifications and separations, Africa faces the challenge of (re)- creating national identities that incorporate interpretations of the histories and cultures of all its diverse peoples.  The ways the old and new, similarities and difference are remembered or forgotten reflect and affect existing perceptions of identities within the national frame. Today the challenge in several African nation states is how to display pluralities and diversitites within a common national identity.

Moderator: Nefissa Naguib, CMI/ University of Bergen

Panel participants:

Boris Wastiau, Musée d'ethnographie, Genève

Innocent Pikirayi, University of Pretoria

Paul R. Christians, Open Hand Studios

Kjersti Larsen, Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo

Randi Håland, University of Bergen

Tore Sætersdal, University of Bergen

Hilde Nielsen, University of Bergen

In association with Africa Network Norway.