We provide opportunities for eight Master's students to write their thesis at CMI. Students are a key part of daily life at CMI, bringing fresh ideas and energy to our research.

As a student, you participate in research group meetings and will be able to present chapters of your thesis to a cross-disciplinary group. You will be assigned a contact person at CMI who is relevant to your research. Students also have access to a personal working space in a shared reading room and a subsidised lunch in the CMI canteen, as well as easy access to our specialised library on development research in The Bergen Resource Centre for International Development.

Maria Meyer Helena Dolve was a student at CMI until November 2017. Now she is a research assistant at U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre. Maria says that being at CMI allowed her to see the bigger picture motivating research. She is interested in how research influences policy and CMI was an ideal place for her to explore the practical side of academia. 

CMI students have also gone on to be PhD students at the University of Bergen and CMI. Marianne Tøraasen is a PhD student for the CMI project Women on the Bench, which looks at the role of female judges in fragile states. Marianne applied to be a student at CMI because of her interest in international development. She found CMI an encouraging environment and enjoyed being part of a larger research institute during her masters. This motivated her to continue her research to PhD level.

How to apply

To apply, write an application that includes a short project proposal (up to one page), CV, university transcripts and a letter of recommendation from your supervisor to Ingvild Hestad. Your grade point average must be a B, and your topic must be relevant to one of CMI's core topics. 

Application deadline: 15 June 2018


We welcome applications from social science students who want to write their thesis on one of our core topics: 

Conflict and Security
Natural Resources
Public Finance
Rights and Law

Any questions? Contact Ingvild Hestad (ingvild.hestad@cmi.no)

We look forward to receiving your application!