Women in the Maldives marching on International Women´s Day. DyingRegime/flickr.com
16 Aug 2019

Special issue on legal regimes, women's work and women's empowerment

In response to feminist demands,  most countries around the world have reformed family law, labor law, reproductive rights, national constitutions, and the welfare state. But the gap between what women according to law have the right to do, and what they can do in practice remains. Almost nowhere do women have the same status and oppurtunities as men. Why does the gap still exist? How does law relate to changes on the ground? And who have benefited from the changes that have been made?

In a new special issue in Social Politics, researchers explore the connections between legal regimes, women's work and women's empowerment. CMI researchers Liv Tønnessen, Lovise Aalen and Espen Villanger are among the contributors. 

Until the end of 2019, you can read the articles in this special issue for free.