28 Oct 2019

Recognition to Public Anthropologist

The journal Public Anthropologist was launched early 2019. It has by now published 2 issues and has been included in the Norwegian Register for Scientific Journals, Series and Publishers, among other repositories. With contributions by both prominent scholars and younger, promising researchers, the first 2 issues echoed the impetus behind the creation of Public Anthropologist, which originates in a realm of ongoing discussions and actions inspired by the idea of pushing engagement and participation beyond academic borders.


CMI researcher Antonio De Lauri is Public Anthropologist's Editor-in-Chief.


-The journal has been welcomed with enthusiasm not only by the anthropological community, but also students and researchers from other disciplines, says Editor-in-Chief, Antonio De Lauri.

Indeed, one of the goals of Public Anthropologist is to provide critical reflections about key issues of our time in a way that enhances debates beyond the discipline in a productive dialogue with other scholars, experts, journalists and the general public.

Public Anthropologist is not only a journal. It is a project that also includes a blog (by now a consolidated reality in the blogosphere), social media, and an annual Public Anthropologist Conference. The next conference will be held at CMI on May 8, 2020. Speakers will include Antonio De Lauri (CMI), Catherine Lutz (Brown University), Shalini Randeria (Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen), and Tobias Kelly (University of Edinburgh).

Antonio De Lauri

Senior Researcher, Coordinator; Humanitarianism and Borders