Research Staff

Antonio De Lauri

Research Professor, Coordinator; Humanitarianism and Borders

Journal Articles

Anthropologist with interest in legal anthropology, freedom, war, humanitarianism

Antonio De Lauri holds a PhD in "Human Sciences: Anthropology of the Contemporary" (2010). Prior to joining CMI in 2017, he worked in Italy, France, Germany and the US in different positions as researcher, lecturer, postdoc and visiting scholar. He has conducted ethnographic research in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Europe and has published on issues related to post-war reconstruction, human rights, injustice, corruption, judicial practice, war, forms of extreme dependence, freedom, borders, and humanitarianism. Antonio's research has been supported by national and international grants and fellowships.

Antonio is the founding Editor-in-Chief of the journal Public Anthropologist. In 2018, he also created Public Anthropologist blog. He is the founding General Editor of Berghahn Books' series Humanitarianism and Security.

He is a co-director of the Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies and co-founder of the Anthropology of Humanitarianism Network (AHN) of the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA).

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