15 Sep 2020

New researcher at CMI: Eskindir Loha Shumbullo

Our new post doctoral researcher Eskindir Loha Shumbullo has a background from epidemiology, and works on health issues and communicable diseases.

Eskindir has a PhD in malaria epidemiology from the University of Bergen (UiB). Prior to his PhD, he completed an MSc in international health at UiB, the University of Copenhagen and USL (UK). He has also been a graduate assistant to associate professor at Jimma University and Hawassa University in Ethiopia, and an assistant professor in medical statistics at LSHTM. 

What are your main research interests and background?
– With my public health and epidemiology background, the quantitative research approach is my preference. I would like to engage in studies on major communicable diseases, child and reproductive health, and health service delivery.

What got you into this field of research?
– Working at a rural health center and coordinating a rural district health office at the start of my career helped me to closely learn about several health and health related problems of the rural poor community in Ethiopia, where research endeavors were very scarce and the infrastructure is fragile. My education (Public Health -BSc, health research track -MSc and Epidemiology -PhD) helped me to reflect and get the necessary tools to scientifically approach the problems.

Why CMI?
– The goal of CMI perfectly fits the very reason for me to be a researcher -generating knowledge to promote sustainable social development. It is also an honor to work for a renowned research institution in Norway.

What are your professional goals?

  • To become a leader of a research project addressing crucial health and health related needs of rural communities
  • To become a lead author in highly ranked scientific journals
  • To develop my quantitative research skills

How can your research contribute to solve global challenges?
– If I can take part in knowledge generation when and where it is needed most, I hope that will add up to the knowledge base and hence contribute to solve the challenges.

Would you like to share a fun-fact about yourself?
– Whenever I get time, I love to play guitar and piano.