18 Jan 2021

Antonio De Lauri takes over as NCHS Director

Research professor Antonio De Lauri becomes Director for the Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies (NCHS) in the period 2021-2024. 


The Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies (NCHS) is a joint collaboration between CMI, NUPI and PRIO. The centre was established in 2012, and its leadership and administration rotates between the institutes. After having been led from PRIO since 2012, CMI's Antonio De Lauri now taks over as Director for the next four-year period.  Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert (PRIO) will be the NCHS Co-Director in the same period, alongside Stein Sundstøl Eriksen  (NUPI) continuing in his role as Co-Director. Emily Hume (CMI) will take over from Andrea Silkoset (PRIO) as NCHS coordinator. 

During the first period after the centre was established, NCHS was funded through a Research Council of Norway project, "Protection of Civilians: From Principle to Practice" (2012-2016). New funding was secured for the period 2019-2022 with network funding from the NORGLOBAL program of the RCN, leading to the establishment of the "NCHS: Research Network on Humanitarian Efforts", led by Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert (PRIO).