The EFFEXT project has now launched its first video! Part of our innovative communications strategy, the video introduces the project to our audience of policy-makers, academics and the interested public. 

The EFFEXT team are interested in creating different forms of digital media outputs that are open for anyone to access and straightforward to understand - and this video is a key part of this. The urgency of communicating the core issues motivating the project to a wider audience inspired the creation of this introductory video. We hope the film inspires viewers to want to learn more and to follow the development of this research project over the next four years.

Recently, we launched the EFFEXT research project with a successful webinar and panel discussion. Another component of the launch was the creation of this new promotional video for the project.

The video was created by the EFFEXT team, in collaboration with producer Lea Lehua and editor and filmaker Anthony Geagea (



Effects of Externalisation

Nov 2020 - Dec 2024