The DENx project team invites guest authors from academia and practice  to write for our project blog.

Through our blog, we aim to provide a platform for critical analysis and discussion of key issues and research trends around social-ecological dimensions of refugee/IDP resettlement. Submissions might discuss, for example, how access to natural resources has buffered refugee livelihoods over the course of the establishment of settlements; how knowledge and practices from places of origin have been adapted to new sites; or how environmental sustainability challenges have been identified and addressed in the context of settlement development. We encourage submissions from any geographic region, including both research-based writing, and reflections by practitioners or individuals who have experienced displacement. 

We accept various types of contributions, including:

  • Essays, between 1000 and 2500 words, that can, e.g., explain important concepts and theories or tell a compelling story.
  • Reviews of relevant books, films, and events.
  • Art and multimedia contributions, e.g., videos, podcasts, images, drawings, and other audiovisual formats and artistic expressions.

Contributions should be communicated in an accessible manner, be referenced (if applicable), be illustrated (if possible), be previously unpublished, and represent the unique and original work of the contributing author(s). Submitted contributions will be editorially reviewed before being invited for publication. 

We accept contributions on a rolling basis. Researchers who have no other sources of funding can apply for a small honorarium based on the agreed output. 

If you would like to write for us, please send a short abstract (150-250 words) with your idea to

Download our detailed call for contributions (pdf) here.