The new INFLUX project aims to study the key areas of governance structures and reception facilities, social and educational support for refugee children and families, and integrational labor market outcomes.

The project looks at these dynamics by focusing on refugees arriving in the Nordic and Baltic countries as a consequence of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

The different social environments and policy contexts across the countries involved in the project represent a laboratory for comparing structural integrational issues. By contrasting governance structures, integrational processes and outcomes between Nordic and Baltic countries, differences will appear and there will be opportunities to identify good practices and lessons learned. The project will undertake multi-disciplinary research using desk reviews, quantitative and qualitative analyses.

The project is based at and led by Liv Osland at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. Cathrine Talleraas (CMI) is co-PI.

The project is a collaboration between researchers across the Baltics and Nordics: Norway (CMI and the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences), Finland (University of Turku and Tampere University), Sweden (Umeå University and Stockholm University), Estonia (University of Tartu) and Lithuania

The project is funded by Nordforsk, read more here