Inge Amundsen

CMI was requested by PETRAD to develop a course module on corruption and corruption prevention in the petroleum sector. This is one of several course modules that has been offered by Petrad and the Norad's programme "Oil for Development" programme for officials from ministries of finance and energy, petroleum institutions, national banks, tax authorities, state auditors and special institutions of supervision and control, parliaments and judiciaries, civil society, media, and other stakeholders in developing/partner countries. This course module on corruption provides the participants with a basic understanding of the elements of corruption, its causes, forms and consequences, and provide a framework and practical tools to make reforms. It has a special focus on strategic partnerships and on developing countries with petroleum resources.

See the training module on Petrad's web-pages.

See also the projects "Seminar on Corruption Prevention in the Petroleum Sector: Madagascar", "Seminar on Good Governance in the Petroleum Sector: Tanzania", "Seminar on Good Governance and Corruption Prevention in the Petroleum Sector: Mozambique" and "Petroleum Workshop for Parliamentarians: Ghana"; and "Corruption challenges in the petroleum sector"