In late 2012 the Norwegian Embassy on Pretoria signed a contract with the Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) in Johannesburg for the establishment of a project, Concerts SA, which seeks to stimulate a live music circuit in South Africa as well as to promote co-operation between Norway and South Africa in this field. SAMRO subcontracted Rikskonsertene in Norway to facilitate the cooperation component.

The Concerts SA project follows a ten-year cooperation in music between Norway and South Africa (Mmino) implemented by Rikskonsertene and the National Arts Council in South Africa.

CMI was commissioned to do an end-review of Mmino in 2011 and to appraise the proposal for a new project focusing on the live music circuit. The current assignment is a mid-term review of the project done by the same consultations that did the end-review of Mmino. The assignment is commissioned by the Embassy in Pretoria after consultations with SAMRO and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Oslo.



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