The Wall Inge Amundsen
This project is a collaboration between AMAN, the Coalition for Accountability & Integrity (TI Palestine) and CMI. In order to strengthen the rule of law in Palestine, to democratise its polity and make it more legitimate, efficient, and service-oriented, the political corruption excesses of the Palestinian Authority need to be curbed. However, before we can recommend any useful measures or strategies for combating political corruption in Palestine, we need to make mapping of the extent, forms and practices of political corruption in Palestine. There is not much information on political corruption in Palestine. Furthermore, there are no broadly appreciated, sound, and reliable social science methods that can measure the extent of political corruption and compare across countries and regimes. The purpose of this study is threefold; Firstly, this study will identify, define, map, and categorise political corruption in Palestine. This means that the initial research phase has to identify and describe the various forms of political corruption in Palestine, its manifestations, forms and extent. Seondly, this study will be a test case to assess and examine the various approaches to measure political corruption. The study will be a test-case for the applicability of known and less known methods for assessing data on political corruption in difficult circumstances.  Thirdly, this study will analyse the drivers of political corruption in Palestine. This entails an outline and assessment of the economic, political, social and international conditions that shape (enable and drive) political corruption in Palestine. Fllowing the end of this research, and based on its outcomes, AMAN will design further interventions in form of plans, tools, and strategies to prevent political corruption in Palestine.