Lise Rakner

Professor at University of Bergen and Affiliated Research Professor
"Understanding Patterns of Accountability in Tanzania" is funded by DFID for the multi-donor Tanzania Governance Working Group (GWG) of the Development Partners to Tanzania. The objective of the study is to gain more in-depth knowledge about actual accountability processes between government officials, state institutions and ordinary citizens. The project entails three main components: Component 1: A mapping of accountability relationships in Tanzania based on a review of literature (Inception report, finalised February 2005). Component 2: A study of citizens' relationship to official power holders within the political and administrative system and at different levels of government. Findings will be based on microsurvey data and ethnographic analyses (Finalised May 2005) Component 3: A study of electeted leaders understanding of accountability linked to the budget process with emphasis on parliamentarians (Finalised June 2005). A final report summarises the key findings (Finalised August 2005). The study is a collaboration between CMI, the Oxford Policy Management Unit (OPM, UK) and Repoa (Tanzania).