The study will carry out an initial principle discussion about the link between rural electrification, economic development and poverty reduction with reference to central documents in the energy sector (PARPA 2001-2005, proposed PAF-indicators for the energy sector; Master Plan 2005-2020), Produce socio-economic baseline-studies for the two projects and prepare a systematic overview over existing quantitative information and assess the extent to which this makes it possible later to monitor and evaluate the projects' impact on:  Economic activities (incl. key industries, agricultural enterprises, small-scale industries, roads and transport, tourism).  Public institutions (incl. local government, public order [police], health and educational institutions).  Socio-economic conditions of poor households (incl. household agricultural and other production, income, consumption [incl. energy], education, health, security, and intra-household disparities).  Physical environment of the locality.