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Tina Søreide and Claudio Weber Abramo (2008). Collaboration on Anti-Corruption Norway and Brazil. Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Report R 2008:1)

International conventions against corruption, signed and ratified by a growing number of countries, are an important tool in combating corruption. Greater collaboration
across countries is now needed in order to draw real benefits from legal reforms.

This report, commissioned by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is a step in that direction as it examines the potential for collaboration on anti-corruption issues
between two countries. The focus is on corruption in the business environment and
the situations reported concern trade between Norway and Brazil, with a focus on
Norwegian presence in Brazil.

Recommendations for collaboration are developed on the basis of the current status of the international fight against corruption, a discussion of the efficiency of different anti-corruption initiatives, and a survey of the perspectives of some Norwegian and Brazilian firms. The areas of customs regulation and procedures, public procurement, legal cooperation, and academic collaboration are found to be particularly relevant for transnational anti-corruption collaboration.

The main ambition of the report has been to stimulate further initiatives and dialogue between Norway and Brazil, as well as cross-border anti-corruption efforts in general.