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This report is the end review of Development Workshop's Programme for Civic and Electoral Education in Angola, 2005-8 (PECE 1, Programa de Educação Cívica e Eleitoral). Its precursor, the "peace building programme", has since 1999 been built around the partnership with several nation-wide church organisations and with ADRA, and two ministries.

The programme's goals - "to contribute to the consolidation of the ongoing peace process and secure successful elections" - are sought to be accomplished through carrying out civic education sessions in churches, schools and in villages and bairros (urban neighbourhoods); through maintaining a presence in mass-media (Radio Ecclesia) and conferences; through development of "mini-libraries"; and through strengthening of civil society's partnership with government with regard to civic education.

The reviewers' overall assessment of the programme is that it has provided highly relevant outputs to people who have received its communications, and its organisation appears to be efficient in its delivery of civic education services compared to its available financial and human resources. Its societal impact is restricted due to limited outreach, so it is recommended that impact can be enhanced by sharpening the messages conveyed, prioritising target groups and review the communication methods.