Billions of dollars have been used for development purposes in Afghanistan since 2001, still is the country ranked as 13th last in the UNHDI, down 3 places from last ranking.


Why is that the case: partly because 60 % of these funds have been for security related investments (i..e police), partly due to the fact that it much has been targeted towards areas with a high degree of conflict (winning hearts and minds) and party because ministries and parliament is based on a patronage structure that then prioritise the interest for maintaining their network over national development goals.

Shall development efforts be secured is there a need for prioritisation, as in maintaining and developing quality in health and education, and do far more to generate jobs and invest in long term livelihood development.


Less funds might be a blessing if these are better targeted and shielded from misuse.

Policy Briefs Afghanistan

Oct 2013 - Dec 2013