This one-and-a-half day high-level panel and training workshop involved staff from GIZ, KfW, the Embassy of Germany and CIM integrated experts present in Tirana; representatives of the EU and OSCE delegations; representatives from Albanian government agencies (Prime Minister’s Office; Albanian Investment Development Agency; Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Entrepreneurship; Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Water Administration; Water Regulatory Entity; National Employment Service; Ministry of Environment; Ministry of Urban Development); and a representative from civil society (CDDI).

The objectives of the workshop agreed with the host U4 partner agency (GIZ) were to:

1. Develop a common and general understanding of corruption;

2. Develop a common understanding of corruption risks, causes, and consequences in public institutions and services in Albania;

3. Examine existing and potential anti-corruption strategies to mitigate corruption risks in public institutions and services;

4. Formulate concrete recommendations for how to mitigate corruption risks in public institutions and services in Albania.



David Aled Williams

Principal Adviser (U4) and Senior Researcher (CMI)