What is living in Palestine like following 50 years of Israeli occupation? After spending several decades in Ramallah, Raja Shehadeh and his wife Penny Johnson have each written a personal account of how life has changed – for both people and animals – but also how an occupied life quickly becomes an everyday existence.

Shehadeh and Johnson meet Palestine researcher Kjersti G Berg in conversation.


This conversation formed part of the programme of LitFestBergen, 6-9 february 2020.

Four days, 50-50 non-fiction and fiction, 50-50 international and Norwegian – literature, debate, festivities, good food and drink.

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You’ll meet well-known literary voices from western Norway, the rest of the country and the wider world, and books where key questions of concern to us all are addressed directly.

We’ll be giving you powerful encounters which will inspire new thinking and yield major new reading experiences. 

Welcome to the literary festival on 6-9 February 2020 at Litteraturhuset i Bergen (the Bergen House of Literature).


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