The book El agua como derecho humano: Reconocimientos y disputas en Costa Rica (Water as a Human Right: Recognitions and Disputes in Costa Rica) analyzes the role of the human right to water and sanitation in shaping the progress and problems in supplying safe water to all people in Costa Rica. Over the last 20 years, Costa Rica, a leader among Latin American countries, has approached a level of access to safe water on par with that of high-income western countries. Yet, despite the high aggregate level of water access, pockets of insufficient access to water remain, especially for individuals in the lowest income brackets.

The book was released at a book launch in San José, Costa Rica and simultaneously online. 

Special commentary:

  • Dr. Jorge Vargas Cullell, Director Programa Estado de la Nacion;
  • Professor Leo Heller, former United Nations Special Rapporteur for Water and Sanitation;
  • Magistrate Nancy Hernández López of the InterAmerican Court of Human Rights.

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