What is the state of Europe's "humanitarian borders" in 2022? Since Europe began evoking a "refugee crisis" at its external borders in the Mediterranean in 2015, a number of border areas have become sites of humanitarian suffering, of humanitarian assistance to refugees and other migrants, alongside stricter and more complex structures for controlling and preventing unwanted migration.

​The concept of humanitarian borders, although not new, became increasingly used by scholars from 2015 onwards, to describe the tensions and mutual relations between efforts to assist and help refugees, and efforts to contain their movement - in short, between efforts to care and control.

In this seminar, concluding the HumBORDER project (2017-2022) we take stock of how humanitarian borders have evolved in and alongside Europe's borders since 2015 and discuss key challenges today, between new and protracted reception sites.  

Heidi Mogstad

Post Doctoral Researcher