Research Staff

Heidi Mogstad

Post Doctoral Researcher

Social Anthropologist with a special interest in humanitarianism, war, refugee advocacy and border politics

Heidi is a postdoctoral researcher on the project War and Fun: Reconceptualizing Warfare and Its Experience funded by the European Research Council.

She holds a PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Cambridge (2021). Her doctoral fieldwork followed a Norwegian volunteer organisation's humanitarian and political work at home and abroad in refugee camps in Greece for 18 months. Her recent book builds on this research and is titled Humanitarian Shame and Redemption: Norwegian Citizens Helping Refugees in Greece (Berghahn Books 2023). 

She is also a researcher on European-Ukrainian Refugee Pets: Emerging Trends (EURPET). 

Heidi has an interdisciplinary background. Before starting her doctoral degree in Social Anthropology, she pursued an MPhil in Justice and Transformation at the University of Cape Town (2016). She also has a BA in Development Studies from the University of Oslo (2012) and a MSc in International Relations from the London School of Economics (2013). Her writing engages with political philosophy, feminist theory, (nordic) postcolonial studies and critical migration research. At Cambridge, she co-founded the Decolonising Anthropology Society.

Heidi frequently participates in public debates on European and Norwegian asylum and migration policies. She has published in Aftenposten, Agenda Magasin, Al Jazeera, Dagsavisen, Forskersonen, Klassekampen, Morgenbladet, Norsk Folkehjelps' Appell, Panorama News/Bistandsaktuelt and Utrop and she has been interviewed by BBC, Dagbladet and Vårt Land. 

Selected publications: 

2023. Humanitarian shame and redemption: Norwegian citizens helping refugees in Greece. Berghahn Books (Series: Humanitarianism and Security Vol 4). 

2023. ‘From asylum seekers to kin: the making and effects of kinship between Norwegian citizens and migrants.’ with Thea Rabe.  Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 

2018. ‘Decolonising anthropology: Reflections from Cambridge’ with Lee-Shan Tse. Cambridge Journal of Anthropology, 37(2): 53-72.

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