War broke out in Sudan this April when the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) started fighting for control over state power and economic resources. With generals Burhan (SAF) and Hemedti (RSF) unwilling to budge, the Sudanese people are effectively under siege. Ceasefires are continuously broken, and the humanitarian situation is getting more and more desperate for the Sudanese people.

What is the situation right now? What can, and is being done, by the Sudanese people? And what role should and can the international community, including Norway, take? 

The panel conversation also offers a uniquely personal take on the situation as we are joined by professor Munzoul Assal, who had to flee from Khartoum when the fighting broke out close to his house in April.


Lovise Aalen, Research Professor, CMI, Political scientist focusing on democracy, governance, and women's employment and empowement in the Horn of Africa

Munzoul Assal, Professor, University of Khartoum, has been a long-standing researcher on refugees, migration, and border issues in Sudan.

Gunnar Sørbø, Emeritus, CMI, Anthropologist focusing on development conflict and peacebuilding.