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This is the report commissioned by Norad's Department for Evaluation evaluating Norway's development aid support to the Sahel in the 2016-2022 period.  Norway has been engaged in the Sahel region in Africa since the 1970s with both humanitarian and development assistance. The evaluation consists of two different reports. Report number 1 evaluates the organisation, coordination, and management of Norway’s engagement in the Sahel. Report no. 2 critically review evidence of results of the Norwegian support to improve food security in Mali.

The two reports are intended to enhance learning and to be used to adapt the current Norwegian Sahel strategy. It is also intended to be of use in future support to fragile countries outside the Sahel region.

The evaluation was carried out by Tana Copenhagen in cooperation with CMI 

Marianne Tøraasen

Post Doctoral Researcher, Coordinator Rights & Gender

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