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Carmeliza Rosario

Post-doctoral Researcher


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Social and Development Anthropologist working on poverty, vulnerability, inequality and gender

Carmeliza Rosario has a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology and over 20 years of experience conducting multifaceted social research, including poverty, inequality and the gendered effects of development programs. Her current research focuses on the dynamics of female traditional leadership and is part of the project Cabo Delgado: Conflict, Resilience and Reconstruction. The project's objective is to provide inputs to better understand the causes of the conflict in Cabo Delgado province, with a view to promoting economic reconstruction, social cohesion and violence prevention.

Additional project include the development a gender framework for mainstreaming in a corruption program for the Basel Institute, and leading the development of a participatory plan for an improved governance of the Maputo Municipality, with a specific focus on, gender inequality, gender-based violence and social inclusion.

Previously, she participated in the knowledge review for the current Norwegian Gender Action Plan, on the topics of women’s economic empowerment and rights, and harmful practices. Furthermore, she is part of a pan-African network of researchers developing knowledge outputs for gender-transformative social policies across the African continent. Additionally, she has conducted research and published extensively on the politicization of sexual and reproductive rights, focused on abortion and LGBTQ+ rights. 

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