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Carmeliza Rosario

Post-doctoral Researcher


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Social and Development Anthropologist working on poverty, vulnerability, inequality and gender

Carmeliza Rosário is a Social and Development Anthropology, with working exeperience in poverty, vulnerability, inequality and gender. In addition she has conducted research on social comentary and governance. Her main country of research is Mozambique. She has additional experience in Southern, Central, Western and Eastern Africa.

Rosario has participated in a number of longitudinal research projects and consultancies on poverty, gender, rights and health. Currently she is part of a joint CMI/UIB project entitled "Political determinants of sexual and reproductive health: Criminalisation, health impacts and game changers", located at the Centre for Law and Social Transformation.

Rosario also has extensive experience in program evaluations. In this regard, she has participated in assessing the impact of development and poverty reduction policies ‘from below’, through the Reality Checks in Mozambique, for SIDA (2011-2016); evaluation of Norway's Support to Women's Rights and Gender Equality in Development Cooperation (2014); the monitoring and evaluation of local impact of Mozambiques’s poverty reduction policy PARPA for DfID (2006-2011); and evaluation of Mozambique’s policies for gender equality and women empowerment for Norad (2008-2010).

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