Research Staff

Juan Camilo Ceballos Oviedo

Research Assistant (U4)

Political scientist focusing on the intersection between governance issues and politics, with a focus on sub-national governments and developing countries

Juan Camilo has conducted research and consulted on corruption risks, access to information, campaign finance, electoral integrity, and whistleblowing in Colombia, Mexico, and Germany, which has resulted in policy reports and informed policymaking.

He joined U4 in April 2020 to support with various research endeavours on the relationship between corruption and climate change in the international development landscape by applying quantitative and qualitative techniques.

Beforehand, he served various civil society organisations and academic institutions in the anti-corruption space, including National University of Colombia’s Development Research Center, Transparency International Colombia, Mexico’s Observatorio Nacional Ciudadano and Humboldt University of Berlin, as well as an EU-funded consulting that led to Colombia’s first-ever whistleblower’s protection bill.

Juan Camilo holds a B.A (Hon.) in Politics and International Relations from Nueva Granada Military University (Colombia) and an M.A in National and International Administration and Policy from the University of Potsdam (Germany).