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Siri Neset

Affiliated Researcher

Political psychologist focusing on rhetoric, perceptions, foreign and security policy decision-making, identity, and the links between political ideology, power and violence.

Siri Neset holds an MA in psychology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU, 2010). Neset is a political psychologist and focuses on rhetoric, perceptions, foreign policy decision-making, identity, and the links between political ideology, power and violence. She has directed policy oriented projects on Turkey, Iran and U.S. relations with the Middle East and North Africa, as well as having established and led several dialogue projects. Previously she has been a research fellow at The Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (2011-2014) and concluded there in 2014 a three-year project on Turkish domestic and foreign policy. At CMI she has led three research projects on Turkish security and foreign policy. Her current project focuses on European and Turkish policies on the question of return of Syrian refugees as well as reconstruction of Syria. Neset`s work has been presented at international conferences, such as the international society of political psychology. Her publications include `Norway and Turkey: Possibilities of Cooperation through the Eyes of Turkish Opinion-makers` (All Azimuth: Journal of Foreign Policy and Peace, 2013), with Daniel Heradstveit and Matt Bonham), `Operational code analysis: Profiling political elites` (Internasjonal Politikk, 2015), «Democratic revolutions? Insights on social stability and social change from psychology and political science» (The Road to Actualized Democracy: A Psychological Exploration, 2018) with Lucas B. Mazur. Her policy reports include «Turkish foreign policy: structures and decision-making processes” (2019, with Aydin, Bilgin, Gürcan and Strand), “Turkey`s international relations” (2019, with Aydin, Bilgin, Gürcan and Strand), Operation Peace Spring (forthcoming), and Turkey as a regional security actor (forthcoming, with Aydin, Balta, Ataç, Bilgin and Strand)

 Neset is a frequently used commentator on issues related to Turkey and has also written extensively for Norwegian media.

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