Abdel Ghaffar Ahmed

Professor of Development Studies

Mariam Ali Onaur Abdalla

Director at the Women Research Center

Osman Mohamed Osman Ali

Abdelaziz Abbaker

Abdallah Shingray

Abdelmageed Yahya

The University of Bergen and CMI have a long history of cooperation with research institutions in Sudan, primarily the University of Khartoum and Ahfad University for Women. Such cooperation includes competence and capacity building as well as a focus on producing new knowledge relevant for building peace in the country. After the secession of South Sudan in 2011, new efforts have started to build academic bridges between Sudan and South Sudan, focusing on regional universities but involving as well researchers from national universities. The overall objective is to enhance the quality and relevance of teaching and research in regional universities. As part of the program, research is carried out on a number of topics which are deemed important for lasting peace and development within and between the two countries. Efforts are also made to influence policy debates and improve the basis for decision making in both countries as well as among international actors. Because of the return to war in South Sudan, activities are on hold there for the time being.