Mari Norbakk

Post Doctoral Researcher

Kareem Amer (ICORN guest writer in Bergen) and Mari Norbakk(CMI-student) in conversation with Åse Gilje Østensen about social media and the current political scene in Egypt.


Kareem Amer is best known for his work as a blogger. He got the attention of the Egyptian government when he wrote about injustice and supression in Egypt on his blog "Modern Discussion". The government in Egypt considered his writings to be anti-religious and insulting to Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak. In 2006 he was expelled from al-Azhar University accused of blasphemy and he has spent four years in prison. Mr. Amer came to Bergen in 2012 Bergen City of Refuge's fourth guest writer.

Kareem Amer on twitter.

Kareem Amers blog.