The world is in a migrant crisis. Millions of people are displaced. People are fleeing war, poverty and oppression in the largest movement of peoples since WWII.

The policing of the EUs outer boundary has broken down. Treaties regulating movement, work and asylum have crumbled.  In response, Europe erects new fences and introduces stricter immigration policies. What is at stake and how can it be solved?

Academics, journalists and filmmakers will meet and discuss migration challenges in panels and roundtables in the Migration Week in Bergen 24-28 October.

All events are free, open to the public, and represent some of the most exciting scholarship on migration aimed at the general audience.

The event is co-hosted by the International Migration and Ethnic Relations Researh Unit Bergen (IMER), Centre for Women's and Gender Research (SKOK), the Faculty of Law at UiB and the Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI) in collaboration with Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies.

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Flukt: Film, fakta og fiksjon

Hvordan påvirkes vi av medienes beskrivelse av flyktninger og migranter? Hvem er de og hva rømmer de fra? I dette seminaret settes søkelyset på medienes representasjon av mennesker på flukt.

Date: Monday 24 October
Time: 19.30-21.00
Place: Litteraturhuset, Auditoriet

Participants: Lars Petter Gallefoss (Pandora Film), Christina Pletten (Aftenposten), Frøy Gudbrandsen (BT, debattleder).

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Seige systemer og ville ideer: Nytenkning på flyktninge- og integreringsfeltet

Mange tar til orde for at integreringen må starte tidligere. Hvilke muligheter og begrensninger ligger i dagens lovverk og føringer for innovasjon på asyl- og flyktningefeltet?

Date: Tuesday 25 October
Time: 19.30-21.00
Place: Litteraturhuset, Olav H. Hauge


Susanne Bygnes (IMER/UiB ), Åsne Hagen (OPEN Transformation), Laila Førsund, Raed Basha (deltaker i bnbOPEN), Ida Marie Støp Meland (initiativtaker INTER), Lawrence Mala Ali (bemanningsbyrået Serve The People), Marry-Anne Karlsen (IMER/UiB , debattleder).

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Smuggling and trafficking facilitate new journeys towards Europe but often at high costs and great risk to refugees, migrants and trafficked persons alike. This panel examines the routes, journeys and trajectories of modern migration and the human cost of transition.

Date: Wednesday 26 October
Time: 13.00-15.00
Place: Bergen Resource Centre for International Development

Luigi Achilli (European University Institute) -- The Nexus: Human Smuggling and Border Control at the time of the Syrian conflict

Daniela Debono (Marie Curie COFAS Fellow, Malmö University and the EUI) -- A cumulative trumping of human rights: The EU’s ‘first reception’ system for irregularly-arriving maritime migrants

Sine Plambech (DIIS) -- Between “Victims” and “Criminals”: Rescue, Deportation, and Everyday Violence Among Nigerian Migrants

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Migrants and refugees arrive, pass through and settle in diverse sites, and in the process re-create them. This panel examines how the process of emplacement influence solidarity and hospitality and the making of humanitarian governance from below.

Date: Thursday 27 October
Time: 10.00-12.00
Place: Bergen Resource Centre for International Development

Nando Sigona (University of Birmingham) -- Emplacing the refugee crisis: the shifting governance of boat migration in the Central Mediterranean

Kamel Dorai (Institut français du Proche-Orient) -- Settlement strategies of Syrian refugees in Jordan. A compared study between housing in camps and self-settled neighbourhoods

Evthymios Papataxiarchis (University of the Aegean) -- Contesting Humanitarian Governance: Ethnographic notes on the impact of the ‘European refugee crisis’ in a Northern Aegean village community

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Refugees, asylum seekers and stateless persons need, but are often denied, international legal protection. This panel examines the role of cities and camps in providing novel forms of refuge and the need to explore new forms of protection for arriving migrants.

Date: Friday 28 October
Time: 10.00-12.00
Place: Bergen Resource Centre for International Development

Michel Agier (EHESS) -- New thoughts about the Stateless place: Calais, its camp, its migrants

Ilse van Liempt (Utrecht University) -- Welcoming cities? Balancing rights and responsibilities towards asylum seekers at the local level

Dallal Stevens (University of Warwick) -- How the Middle East is changing the meaning of “protection”

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