Digital online workshop organised by Mezna Qato (University of Cambridge) and Kjersti Berg (CMI). The workshop is funded by the Norwegian Center for Humanitarian Studies, and is sponsored by Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI) and the Margaret Anstee Centre for Global Studies at University of Cambridge.

3 December 2021

  • Caitlin Procter (European University Institute) and Yaqoot Alqam (‘Yes We Can,’ Shu’fat): “The camp was beautiful”: The transformation of Shu’fat refugee camp in East Jerusalem from the perspectives of first-generation refugees”, Discussant Kjersti Berg (Chr. Michelsen Institute)
  • Heba Alnajada (University of California at Berkeley): “When a Palestinian Camp became a ‘Squatter Settlement’: Construction, Demolition, and the Low-Resolution of the Nakba”, Discussant Nasser Abourahme (New York University)

Lauren Banko (University of Glasgow): “Historical ethnographies of illicit settlement and quiet colonial violence of deportation, 1920-1947”, Discussant Aidan Forth (MacEwan University)


10 December 2021

  • Hadeel Assali (University of Pennsylvania): “The Paraguay Transfer Scheme”, Discussant Laura Robson (Pennsylvania State University)
  • Susann Kassem (University of Oxford): “Hiding Under an Olive Tree”: Shared Histories of Forced Displacement and Encampments Between Palestine and Lebanon”, Discussant Rochelle Davis (Georgetown University)
  • Sarah Tobin (Chr. Michelsen Institute): “Palestinian Refugees from Syria: The Kafala System and New Formations of Jordanian State Power”, Discussant Nell Gabiam (Iowa State University)


17 December 2021

  • Clayton Goodgame (London School of Economics): “The convent as a camp: the religious histories of Palestinian refugees in Jerusalem”, Discussant Benjamin Thomas White (University of Glasgow)
  • Diana Allan (McGill University) and Cynthia Kreichati (McGill University): “Chronicling Disappearance: Qaraoun, Gouraud-Baraksat and Anjar”, Discussant Mezna Qato (University of Cambridge)
  • Kjersti Berg (Chr. Michelsen Institute): “A history of the The Sheikh Jarrah Urban Housing Scheme and UNRWA out of camp housing schemes”, Discussant Anne Irfan (University College London)


Kjersti G. Berg

Associated researcher