Åse Roti Dahl
Research Staff

Kjersti G. Berg

Post-doctoral fellow

Middle East researcher working on the Palestine-Israel conflict, Palestinian refugees and international aid.

Kjersti is the post-doctoral researcher and co-manageer of the research project "SuperCamp: Geneaologies of humanitarian containment in the Middle East". Under this project, she is working on various topics related to Palestinian refugees, United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), and refugee camps. The project is funded by the Norwegian Research Council, PRIPRO programme. 

She is currently conducting research on Syrian and Palestinian refugees from Syria, who have fled to, and are residing in Gaza. This forms part of "Urban Displacement, Development and Donor Policies in the Middle East" (URBAN3DP). Kjersti has also worked on Norwegian aid to Palestine.

Kjersti is completing a book about the history of Palestinian refugee camps and UNRWA, building on her PhD thesis. She is also writing a book in Norwegian about Palestine, on a stipend from Norsk faglitterær forfatterforening (Scandinavian University Press, 2022). 

Kjersti is engaged in Bergen Global, a research communication platform for CMI and the University of Bergen. She teaches the Israel-Palestine conflict, migration, Middle Eastern history, and supervises students. Her experiences also include large-scale reserach coordination. 


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